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Metro Dotted Tile

  • Description

    The Metro Dotted Tiles we offer, work as the textured ground surface indicators, which are found on stairs, footpaths, train station platforms etc., to help the walkers who are visually vitiated. Widely applicative for pedestrian crossings, these tiles have the blister surfaces that give a warning to visually impaired people, who find it challenging to differentiate between the foot-way ends and the roadway beginnings. Offered flooring tiles are the essential safety features for the road users at pedestrian crossing points. These Metro Dotted Floor Tiles are highly appreciated by the designers on account of their beautiful appearance, hardness, eloquence and extended durability. If used in the particular ares of homes and workplaces, these let you to present a classic vintage feel, which is absolutely perfect for including charm and sophistication to the spaces.

  • Benefits of Metro Dotted Tile

    Have unique properties for all projects, available in several sizes, durable and strapping.|Also employed as the great decor tiles that run into every specific design, withstand the environmental impacts.|Feature beauteous specked textures, which run through their bodies, apt and functional for indoor as well as outdoor utilization.|Suitable for bestowing a sleek, smooth and stylish appearance to the flooring.

We mainly deal in North Region like Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, etc...