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RCC Drain Covers

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    We offer premium quality RCC Drain Covers, which are made with reinforced cement concrete. These are the extractable plates making the lids over the opening of the manholes. Capable to preclude the drainage of bathrooms and others, these are applicable for keeping out unauthorized material and persons. Offered covers are strong, inexpensive, heavy and feature "pick holes", into which the hook handle implements are sectioned to lift them. The holes can be be covered if there is a requirement of a more watertight lid. RCC Manhole Covers are highly strong and allow the light to radiate through. These can be lifted by the help of manhole hooks or picks and some other implements, including electromagnets. Adequately large to be effortlessly collectible, the ubiquity of these covers make them extensively demand-able all over the world.

  • Key Points
    • Prevent unaccredited access to underground areas, may be locked down.
    • Can be temporarily spot-welded, strong and durable, used for bathrooms so as to prevent the drainage.
    • Resistant to weather impacts such as rainfall, acid rain or some other.
    • Come with superior slip resistance as well as electrical insulating properties.

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